Sooo…I have this ugly tent


On a fall 2013 camping trip I purchased a small tent for a friend who was camping with us. We were in the MiddleOfNoWhere, Wisconsin and our choices at the local hardware store were limited.  We bought this little tent, which was a dream to set up since it only has two poles. It works well, but there’s a glaring problem with it.

It’s probably the ugliest tent I’ve ever seen.

(Although my living room curtains in the background give it a run for the money – don’t judge me, we can’t replace them until we close on the house) I set the tent up in my living room, in preparation for a SUPER GIRLY camping trip scheduled for this weekend, just to fully take in the pure awfulness that is this particular shade of green. This photo is actually very flattering to the color. In the photo the tent looks like a Kelly or even an emerald green. It’s not. It’s the perfect example of how tent manufactures just don’t get it. Why make your products butt ugly? Green is one of my favorite colors, but this green?  Blech.

I have a few days to put some really spectacular lipstick on this pig. Wish me luck!

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