Welcome RV & Camping Show Attendees!

My first book signing!

My first book signing!

The first day of the presentation and book signing at the Minneapolis St Paul RV & Camping Show was very fun, but I Am Exhausted. I may not be 100% coherent.  I think from nerves more than anything else. My day started out with a brief TV interview with Fox 9 news, the segment will air on Sunday morning. It got delayed by an hour so I spent most of that time prepping in my head what I would say and the items I would demonstrate. And hoping my deodorant was up to the task. (Barely) Happy I wore a sundress, that was a good call.

It was also at this time I learned I wouldn’t just be doing a book signing, but would be doing a 30 minute presentation and then a book signing. Gulp. Think fast, Cara. Thankfully I brought some of my favorite camping products for the TV interview so I used them in my demonstration and then mixed a cocktail and had a volunteer drink it. I think it went well. No one left crying and neither did I.

The portable bar was a hit. I had many people ask me how they would be able to purchase one and I said I would put a link up here. I’ll need to remember to bring a card with the link on it to the show tomorrow. Click the photo and you’ll go right to my etsy store where you can place an order in the wood of your choice.


I was able to walk the show floor, in heels, and tour a wide variety RV and campers. Every brand of camper was there, except Scamp. There was some new products on the show floor, too. I’ll detail those tomorrow. However, I can’t resist showing you a photo of my favorite kind of camper – teardrops.

I LOVE teardrop trailers. I was able to hang out with Bert, who owns Vistabule Teardrop Trailers. He was super nice and rightfully proud of his extremely well-crafted trailers. Do you think he’d notice if I hooked the Mighty Yaris up to this one and took it home? The bed slid up easily to make a couch with a table and the kitchen was to die for. Waaaaaannnnnnttt!


I’ll be back at the show tomorrow (Saturday) at the Minneapolis Convention Show and will be presenting and signing books at noon and 4:30 pm. My parents and a few other family members are coming tomorrow and I could act like it’s not a big deal for them to come, but I’d be lying. Hope to see some of you there, too!  But for now, I’m going to do a face plant in my bed.


2 thoughts on “Welcome RV & Camping Show Attendees!

  1. I just discovered your site and enjoyed reading everything on it, and am excited to get your new book. I keep checking Amazon but can’t find it listed yet. Anywhere else I can find it? My husband and I are in our sixties and heading out on a road trip in May for 30 days to Oklahoma and back to Oregon. I need your ideas! And I am going to make that rainfly. Congrats on your great looking new book.

    • Amazon keeps sending me emails saying they are experiencing technical problems loading new books, but expect to have the problem fixed shortly. As soon as the book goes live, I’ll post it and send you a note. Thank you so much for asking and I hope you have an awesome time on your trip.

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