We have a winner!

You voted for your favorite cover art and we have a winner – The cover that had the view of looking out of a tent onto a grassy field!

However, it only won by one vote. That was close. So I gathered up the comments you left about what you liked and didn’t like about both top vote getting covers and took that to the designer, Kit Foster.

Using the winning cover as a base, we made a few subtle adjustments that incorporated elements from the second, the one that had all the photos on it and the more ornate font.

And here’s the result! (Click to enlarge)

Final Cover



The most notable change is the font used, we went with the font from the runner up. Other changes are more subtle. Like the bottom of the martini glass fading away rather than being seen through the title area.

The back of the book will have one or three of the photos from the runner up cover design along with the blurb of what the book is about.

So thank you for voting(Those who were Backers and were able to vote) and know we are getting very close to a publish date! As in 2 weeks close!


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