#FreeBooks to read during the long weekend – #camping

Looking for a few books to read during the long Thanksgiving weekend? Here are a two you might enjoy, but grab them now while they are free to download. (Also – you don’t need a Kindle to read a Kindle book, just download the free reader app)


Following The Front Wheel West…
By J.D. Hodges
In the summer of 2013 I took a dream motorcycle ride across the country. This is a journal that I kept while making that trip.


Camping with President Roosevelt
By John Burroughs
Review by Painter Dave: Written by a close friend of President Teddy Roosevelt, this book gives you a look at the real man, the way he thought, the love of the outdoors, and the love of people who lived in the outdoors. If you appreciate the Wilderness in American, the Parks and mountains, then you will enjoy a book about the man who helped make them possible. Kindle has made many of these books about Roosevelt available and this is one of the best. See Yellowstone before it became what it is today, and enjoy it with the President.



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