Progress on the book (and a gift for Backers)

I’ve started an update several times on the progress of my book on luxury tent camping, all announcing the awesome news that I had a new graphic designer and introducing you to him or her. And then something would happen and the designer would have to bow out. Loss of daycare, new job offer and a move, death of a spouse, or just wanting more money than was budgeted. I was beginning to think I was snakebit and was eyeing over goats to sacrifice to get some good juju back. *insert nervous laughter here* But now I DO have an update to share, and a gift for everyone who backed my Kickstarter campaign.

First the update. I didn’t sit on my thumbs while searching for a designer, I started correcting the photos myself to prep them for the designer. This takes some of the work load off the designer and keeps the project moving forward. I’m slow, but my old skills in PhotoShop are coming back.

Next, I decided that going off recommendations for a new designer wasn’t working so I’ll do what I should have done a few months ago and advertise on CraigsList. Holy cow did I get a HUGE response. I outlined the project clearly and noted what the budget was – and I received over 72 portfolios in 24 hours. I’ll have someone to introduce to you soon as the new the designer, just don’t want to jinx myself yet. YAY!

Most exciting, and this leads into the gift, I broke off the cover design work from the interior design and I now have a cover artist picked! Kit Foster is an extremely experienced cover designer based in the UK. You can see some of her book covers here. Very excited to work with her in late September. People really do judge a book by its cover and she knows how to design for both the print book on a shelf and the small thumbnail you see on Amazon.

And now the gift. Kit has agreed to come up with three concepts for the cover so all my Kickstarter Backers can choose which one will be the cover for my book! I’ll post the three concepts here, but voting will take place on a post locked to Backers. Still, even if you aren’t a Backer, you’ll get to see all three concepts and tell me what you think. I wanted to find an additional way to thank the people who financially made this book possible – because self-publishing isn’t free by any means!

I also wanted to thank those of you who subscribe to my posts, have liked me on Facebook, or retweet me on Twitter.  I’ll leave you with the Muppets song, Moving Right Along. Not only is it a great song, it expresses how I feel about all of you and this crazy, wonderful project.

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