That 70’s Camping

Usually when people use a decade as a theme for their campsite it’s all about the 50’s. Not me. The 50’s were a lie. Fake hair, fake innocence, and fake happy families on tv. Give me the 70’s any day. That’s when Shit Got Real. Real problems, real food, and real boobs (sans bra). At times it got real ugly, but at least it was real. Unless it was fake wood. For some reason they loved plastic that had fake wood grain on it.

Here are a few (raw) photos from a chapter of my forthcoming book on luxury tent camping. This chapter shows a campsite for a family or for a group of people and uses a decade as the theme. I wanted to do a polite nod to the 70’s, not grab it by the throat. But it would be really easy to get my groove on and go crazy with this theme!

bar and kitchen (1)












possible 2 with filterkitchen (1)

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