One man’s trash….

….is my new (to me) bright, shiny PINK tent.

A friend of mine was looking to borrow a tent for an upcoming camping trip. Like many people in this lovely economy, cash isn’t growing trees and buying a tent was out of the question. Normally I have plenty of extra gear, but since other friends are also flying in for the camping trip, I was all out of tents. I popped onto craigslist and what did I see? Someone was giving away a computer, a printer, and tent. I was out the door 7 minutes after her post went live, hoping I could beat traffic and everyone else and claim my prize. After 40 tense minutes of driving during rush hour, I was VICTORIOUS! I think rush hour helped, no one was home yet to see the ad.

pink tent col

When I got it home I put it up to check that all the pieces were there, that it didn’t have any visible holes, and to spray a layer of tent sealer on the rain fly. Everything looks great. The tent is 6ft by 6ft so only short people, or kids, can use the tent. Not a problem since I’m 5ft2 and my friend is 5ft5. It’ll be perfect for her.

I emailed the previous owner of the tent to let her know I scored it and that it was going to be put to good use by someone who really needed it. This is the response she sent back:

Thanks for sending this note- it made my day and so glad it is being put to good use.  It has good memories for me too as it was the tent I stayed in during one of my Breast Cancer 3day 60 mile walk in remembrance of my aunt.
Thanks again and yeah for things working out!
Could you ask for better JuJu for your tent? I’ll answer that. No, no you could not.

I paired it with my new black anti-gravity chair from Sportsman’s Guide. I grabbed it when it was on sale, but even off sale it’s not a bad price. The quality was better in person than it appeared in photos. Not that it looked bad, it’s just so much better, and more solid, in person. I love anti-gravity chairs when i’m camping. Kick back with a cocktail and if you happen to drift off into a nap, nothing wrong with that.

It’s only 16 days until my next camping trip. I can’t wait!

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