Camping That Doesn’t Suck

My Ignite Minneapolis Presentation is tonight!  I’m nervous, excited … and still sick.  But my presentation is only 5 minutes long so I should be able to hang tough for that long. If you want to watch it live, it will be streamed here:

Just hit refresh, starting at 7pm central, until it pops up. I’m on after the intermission, around 8:30 pm central.



That’s the first slide in my presentation. I’m not sure what it says about me or my marriage that when I woke my husband up this weekend and asked him to take a picture of me pretending to poop in the woods, he didn’t even blink. Or even ask what it was for. I think he’s learned to just roll with about anything.

As for the book, I’m a full week behind getting it off to my editor. This illness, going on it’s second week, had really knocked me down. But I’m proofing it now, and hope to send it off to Kathryn this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  Then, if it ever stops raining, I can finish the shoots and send it off to Chris for interior design. Fingers crossed, folks, for tonight (that I don’t make a fool of my self) and for getting the proofing done on the book!

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