I wish I was camping

I’m feeling grouchy this morning.  Winter held on too long and this spring isn’t winning any awards, either.  The Farmer’s Almanac says the summer will be short, wet, and cold.  Ugh. I’m sick and suspect that crackle sound in my chest means I may have pneumonia. I still wish I was camping.

But I am doing something camping related.  I’m finishing my powerpoint deck for Ignite Minneapolis on the topic of Camping that doesn’t suck.  Ignite is a night of 20 speakers and each speaker gets to talk for 5 minutes.  Your presentation is 20 slides long, 15 seconds each slide, and they auto-advance. And there’s free beer.  I knew it was coming up soon (THIS Wednesday!) but I didn’t realize just how soon.  Or that my slide deck was due today.  I have the talk mapped out in my head, now I just need to create my slides.  So I need a photo of me pooping outside. Don’t ask.  And I need to hand the slides in by 6pm.

So … breakfast of champions it is.

sick (1)

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