Trysting tents

I’m so stiff and sore from the all day (and evening) shoot yesterday I can’t hardly move.  It was worth it, the shots are amazing.  The shots are for the chapter on trysting tents, which are pretty much what they sound like.  It’s a “tent” that is all about romance and only has to stay up for a few hours  (That’s what SHE said) so you can get really creative.  Perfect for a special date or special occasion.  Pick a secluded spot, create your love nest, add in some treats and wine and yeah … let the romance begin.


I did 4 different versions of trysting tents to show some of the possibilities and different materials you could use – all while keeping the frame (the 3 poles and clothes wire) the same.  Here’s 2 examples from yesterday:

My lovely niece Nicole, and her husband, Evan.

My lovely niece Nicole, and her husband, Evan.

Just so I can toot my own horn – I made that wine.  It’s a Minnesota version of a Merlot, made it from grapes from my backyard when I lived in Austin, MN.  No more grapes for me, for a while, living in a townhome in the city. And if you’re wondering where the lovely location is that I was shooting at, it’s at my sister’s home in Austin.  The yard was beautiful to begin with, especially with the creek flowing on the back line, but she’s a talented gardener who knows how to make the most of her property.  Her landscaping enhances the natural beauty, it doesn’t fight it or obscure it.

A more primitive version of a trysting tent

A more primitive version of a trysting tent

Let me tell you, the smell of lilacs was pure heaven.  Wouldn’t you love it if your partner made something like that for you?  For a special date or anniversary?

Enough drooling over photos for me, I need to get back to work on the 2nd round of edits for the book.  I removed about 1/3 of the content, added in about 1/3 new content, and revamped the order so it flows so much better.  It’s a much better book than it was even 1 week ago!

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