Vintage Quilt Sleeping Bag

Is there anything better than snuggling with a soft quilt on a cool evening?  Perhaps with a cup of hot cocoa (with or without a nip of Bailey’s) in your hand and a good book?  Then why forgo the pleasure when you’re camping?

I found a vintage quilt from the late 60’s earl 70’s and fell in love.  It has little girls with bonnets hand appliqued on it and is in original condition. No patches, no alterations.  It’s just worn enough for that perfect Shabby Chic look.

I wanted the option to have the quilt as an open quilt to lay on my bed or zip up and use as a sleeping bag.  I don’t camp usually camp in too cold of weather, but it does get in the 50’s and 60’s at night where I live so I needed to do more than just add a zipper to the bottom and side of the quilt.  So I built in a fleece liner with the zipper and then hand sewed the quilt onto the liner.  PERFECT!  I can use it open all the way for my queen size mattress when i camp with my husband.  I can use it zipped up as a sleeping bag when I camp alone.  I can’t wait to take it camping!

bag open

If you want a vintage quilt sleeping bag for yourself and don’t want to make your own, I’ll be selling them starting in June when I launch my line of luxury camping gear.

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