Camping that Doesn’t Suck at Ignite Minneapolis

Very excited to speak at Ignite Minneapolis on May 29th!  For those unfamiliar with Ignite, depending on your city, it is held once a year or even once a month.  Minneapolis does it once a year.  There are usually 20 speakers and each speaker gets 5 minute to talk about something that is educational, inspirational, or entertaining.  Each speaker submits 20 slides and they auto-advance every 15 seconds.  It’s fast paced and amazing and if there is an Ignite in your city, GO TO IT!   Here’s how Ignite Minneapolis describes what they do:

Ignite Minneapolis is an evening of 5-minute talks by local folks who have a burning passion. Some talks are serious science, others are pure satire – but each talk must be about a compelling idea or story.

And did I mention there’s free beer at this event?

The title of my 5 minute presentation is Camping that Doesn’t Suck and I feel honored that my talk was picked from the tons of submissions I know they receive.

Cara Schulz at 2011's Ignite Minneapolis

Cara Schulz at 2011’s Ignite Minneapolis

Much of what drives a person crazy while camping is being dirty, not having a place to put things (and then you lose then and spend half your time digging through your stuff looking for items you need), and not focusing on what would bring YOU the most comfort.  Is it 1000 count sheets for your mattress or cot? Is it really good food? Is it the best chair to sit in?  Focus in on 3 things that would bring you the most happiness and comfort and then spend the rest of your time/car space on things that keep you organized and clean.  That’s camping that doesn’t suck.

Tickets for the event are sold out!  But you can watch it streamed live on their site here and watch talks from previous years.

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